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Grown Ups | Marian Keyes | Book of the Month | February 2020

Hands up if you are a chick-lit lover? ME!!!!!!

I am a big fan of Marian Keyes writing style and found Grown Ups to be one of her best yet! Please tell me this has plans to become a movie!!!

Now i know we are an Aboriginal Book Club, but sometimes we need a break from some of the heavier reading and this, my friends, is exactly that! A funny, joyful read, that delves into some deeper issues though overall is a joy to read and escape into for a few days!

Discussion Questions

1. Which one is your favourite love story?

2. If you could right a letter to yourself to receive in 12 months time, what would it say?

3. Which character did you relate to the most?

4. What do you think is the key theme in this book?

5. In the book Ed leaves Clara when she stops seeking medical help for her bulimia. Do you think this was the correct course of action for him to take? Why or why not?

6. Do you think money can change a person? In what way?


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