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2020 CGU Kayku Kumpa Award Recipient

2016 Wagga Wagga NAIDOC Young Person of the Year

2016 NSW/ACT Young Achiever Award- Career Kick Start category

Firstly, welcome and thank you for taking the time to check out my website!

Little Black Duck Aus is the brainchild of Ashleigh Pengelly (Ash) and is a 100% Aboriginal-owned one-woman-show!


Little Black Duck Aus transcends the traditional constraints of Aboriginal art, combining a range of unique mediums and surfaces to create a memorable brand of functional art.


I am an Aboriginal artist/creator/maker. I am a small business owner. A mummy. And a dreamer. I have just turned the big 3-0, I was born and bred in Wagga Wagga in regional NSW, Wiradjuri Country, and have an amazing little fella, Beau (also affectionately known as Beau Baby, Beau Beau, Bozo or my favourite- Bow Tie), who you will occasionally see on my social media!

My Aboriginal heritage comes from my mother's side. My grandmother Eunice Higgins was the heart and soul of our family and i guess, showed us the true meaning of connection and love which is so important to Aboriginal people. Our family is mostly found around Wagga and Leeton in regional NSW.

I have always been creative, but only ventured into creating artworks after an opportunity presented itself whilst i was sitting on the Wagga NAIDOC Committee in 2014. As a part of our planning for our Masquerade Ball, we purchased some blank masks that we would approach local artists to paint to sell as a fundraiser for our committee. The artists did exquisite work, and I painted 10 or so myself- I think that's where I fell in love with creating unique pieces! I loved combining modern colours with Aboriginal patterns on unique items, and Little Black Duck Aus was born!

I have found i love painting. It is relaxing and therapeutic and provides a respite after a rough day. It gives me a creative outlet that i find you sometimes need! I often think that creativity is like the Pringles ad "Once you pop you can't stop!". I can be painting one piece and already know what my next one will be! 

I love the connectivity to my culture whilst painting and have formed some amazing bonds with other local Aboriginal artists over our shared passion that I will truly cherish forever.

I have some big plans for Little Black Duck Aus that I hope to achieve over the next few years, so I hope you enjoy following my journey, whilst walking your own.


I truly hope you enjoy my teapots as much as I enjoy creating them!!

For anyone who has gone out and purchased one of my products- thank you so much! You have made my art venture a possibility and I thank you for your support!


I love to see people using my teapots and other products or how they have incorporated them into their homes so please give LBD a shout out with #littleblackduckaus when enjoying your LBD products!

Much love,

Ash xoxo