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Welcome to the Garrandarang: Aboriginal Book Club!

Over 6 years in and book club is still going strong! With a mixture of genres, authors and content, the Garrandarang Book Club is educational, enlightening and very entertaining!

Each month our Wagga crew get together to discuss our monthly book (and select our next read). If you are not local to Wagga, feel free to join our Garrandarang Book Club fb page to read along from afar and contribute comments etc.

Sometimes the education learnt during book club can be heavy so we occasionally break it up with a non-Aboriginal book for a light hearted read. See book lists below!

Where did i get the idea for Garrandarang Book Club?

I had the idea for this book club after reading 'Blood on the Wattle'  by Bruce Elder. I wanted to achieve deeper outcomes with this book club. Not only did i want others to read the selected books but i also wanted to be able pass that education on to others within our community. This will be achieved by donating the books to local community centres, schools and libraries.

To do so, i sought funding for the program and was successful with our local Family and Community Services unit here in Wagga Wagga.

The book club is more than a monthly get together. It has morphed into a kind of therapy for the attendees, with friendships growing and a real bond developing.

Thanks for joining me on this journey, and i hope you are enjoying the books as much as we are!

Have a great book suggestion? Send it through!

Happy reading!

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