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Manifesting Your Year to Come

On the 31st of December each year, I take time to reflect on my achievements (and fails!) from the year just gone and set my intentions for the following year.

It is a meaningful exercise that I often come back to throughout the year to be able to measure my efforts and to regroup if I need to shake things up in order to get them ticked off.

In the coming year, one of my 6 goals is to share my knowledge/tools/experience with you- the people who have followed my journey and that I have gotten to know over the years.

SO! Today I am adding to the progress bar of that goal one day early (ha!) and sharing my 2023 Goal Setting template that I created using Canva (one of my most used business tools!), with you for free! I'm using it to put up on my socials because I feel like that is a little more accountable, and I also find it handy to print them out and place in my office and/or studio to keep my goals 'alive' throughout the year.

Want to use this template for yourself in 2023? You can download both versions below. Simply download/save image and using your phone you can add text right onto the image in each goal square!

Tag me @littleblackduckaus on socials when you share your goals for 2023!

Mandaang Guwu,

Ash x

A bright pink background with 2023 and goals 1 to 6.
2023 Goal Setting Template with Headings by Little Black Duck Aus

A bright pink background with 2023 up top and 6 colourful squares for goals.
2023 Goal Setting Template by Little Black Duck Aus


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