I have created a number of programs over the years for organisations to achieve outcomes for the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community around increased economic and employment outcomes.

Programs include:

Garrandarang Aboriginal Book Club: a 12-month program focusing on Aboriginal authors and/or books. Providing a safe, social activity for those living in social housing estates primarily, the program (through the books) has transformed peoples perpective's of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples place in history and the contemporary context. Open to males and females, Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people, the program is increasing literacy and cultural knowledge whilst also providing an outlet for expression. For this program, i was successful in gaining funding from Family and Community Services (FACS).

Join the Dots 2015-16: a professional development program for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander creatives interested in growing their hobby into a small business. The 12-month program provided monthly workshops for participants to increase their knowledge of matters pertinent to small creative businesses in an effort to increase the number of local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander creative businesses as identified by the community. This program was created during my employment at Wagga Wagga City Council.

Workshops included expert presenters discussing topics such as tax, copyright, contracts, pricing work, networking, marketing, packaging, retail opportunities and variouis retail platforms and more.

Join the Dots 2016-17: a skills development program for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander creatives. Using a similar model to the previous year, the 2016-17 program focussed on inccreasing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Ilsander creatives knowledge of various artforms.

Again, using expert presenters, the participants worked closely with industry experts to develop skills in screen printing, brush making and other artforms along with providing local cultural knowledge to inspire creative thoughts, networking opportunities and more. This program was created during my employment at Wagga Wagga City Council.

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I pay my respects to the traditional custodians of the Wiradjuri nation including all Elders, both past and present, of the land where Little Black Duck Aus is based. Your resilience and tenacity is an inspiration for all upcoming generations to lead the way.

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