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Welcome to the Little Black Duck blog – where we're diving into the question: Are blogs dead? Well, I'm not convinced! Strap in for a rollercoaster ride of insights, laughs, and maybe even a few facepalms.

So, what's the goal here? Simple: I'm laying it all out for the world to see. Okay, maybe not *all* – nobody needs to know about that embarrassing childhood crush, right? But from bootstrapping my biz solo back in 2015-ish to the challenges of home building while juggling a whirlwind book club and raising a tornado of a kid, I've amassed a treasure trove of wisdom. And guess what? It's time to share the wealth!

Join me as I dish out tips, tricks, and tales from the trenches. I'm challenging myself to dish out more juicy blog posts, connecting with fellow travelers on this wild journey we call life. So buckle up, buttercup – we're in for a wild ride!

Mandaang Guwu,


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