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Our second book was Tiddas by Anita Heiss. This book was right up my alley being my favourite genre- chicklit! Anita also made it super easy on me this month, as she provided the discussion questions (spoiler alert) at the end of the book- DO NOT read ahead because the questions give the ending away!).

Little Black Duck review

It took me a little while to warm up to this book and to be able to picture the characters (my favourite part) however when i did, i felt connected straight away! PS how hot is Nadine's husband? Well in my head he is anyways haha!

I connected with Izzy the most, most likely because i have had my first son just over a year ago now and i, like Izzy, didn't ever think about when it would be my turn to have children, and i, like Izzy (spoiler alert) am head over heels with my little sidekick and couldnt imagine having a life without that extension of me.

The book club discussion was strong with this one, with a few emotional truths, as we all drew similarities with the themes discussed in the book- miscarriage, abortion, promiscuity, drug/alcohol abuse/lifelong friendships etc and i feel, as women, it brought us closer together, allowed us to get to know each other better.

Anita did a great job promoting Brisbane in this book, and it could be used as a Tiddas Tour Guide given the specific information provided in the book! I love the connection to the river throughout the book and living in Wagga alongside the Murrumbidgee, i feel this connection too. I especially love the (spoiler alert-sorry) addition of Bila- so adorable.

Nadine, oooh woman, she frustrated me! But her husbands love was strong and it was good to see the roles reversed for once.

I think Anita has provided a great movie plot and/or an opening for book number 2 and i can not wait to continue reading!

Happy Reading!

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