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Welcome to the Garrandarang Book Club in 2020!

Guess who's back, back again! The ladies are back, tell a friend!

Welcome back for 2020! Our Garrandarang Book Club has been going for 3 years strong- can you believe that?!

This year, as a collective, we have decided to read books from a variety of genres as selected by the members at each gathering.

Truthfully, i think we were all a little bruised after reading 24 months worth of books detailing our own Aboriginal history and all of the trauma, dispossession and racism that comes with that.

There are still many, many Aboriginal authors and books that are on our reading list for future though, so after a little break they will return again. In the meantime, we have lightened the mood with some chick-lit and self help books that you can read our recaps on in previous posts.

It is still such an amazing group of women (men are always welcome too!) that still support one another, engage new members and have one helluva time together!

Happy Reading!

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