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The Secret | Rhonda Byrne | January Book of the Month

Do you believe your thoughts can determine your real life? That is the question The Secret asks.

Our Book Club was a little divided on this, with some taking on the content in the book into their daily lives and mantras whilst others believed 'what will be', will be'

The Secret forces the reader to look inward and to reflect on how their thoughts impact their daily lives. Are your thoughts mainly geared towards being negative or positive? How much do you give in to your thoughts? Can you change your thoughts?

Through our discussion i asked a series of discussion questions, which lead to some interesting discussions (as always happens in our little club!).

For example: when someone is diagnosed with the big 'C' and passes away shortly after- would they have passed away if they hadn't known about the cancer or did their thoughts and therefore feelings and energy, play a part in their passing? Its an interesting concept isn't it.

Have you ever actively tried to stop a negative thought? Have a try to be more conscious of your thoughts (which is what The Secret helps to do) and when a negative one enters your mind- say 'No! and turn your thought into a positive. Try this for 1 week and let me know what happens!

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