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July Book of the Month | Listening to Country | Ros Moriarty

'To listen in order to see' why do we feel the need to share?

is open in sharing her story from a non-Aboriginal persons perspective. She has shared her life with her Aboriginal husband and has been accepted as such into his family.

This book is a look back at Ros' many memories over the years as she forged bonds with her husbands family and also as they journeyed on their artistic careers which really inspired me, as a fellow artist.

Discussion Questions:

1. Is this Ros story to tell?

2. Why do you think Ros felt compelled to write this story?

3. Do you think Ros was right to write about the traditional ceremony?

4. Are you aware of any traditional ceremonies still practiced in your area?

5. Do you agree with the notion of 'sit-down money'?

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