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January Book Of The Month | Because I Love Him | Ashlee Donohue

This book right here.. wow! I knew our book club would discuss some difficult topics but this one was a doozy! All you young girls out there, mamas and grandmas, grab a copy. Give it to your daughters, your sisters, your mothers. Read it yourself! The commonalities between this book and my own story had me SHOOK, so much so, that i felt compelled to write to Ashlee to let her know how much i appreciated her for telling her story. Like Ashlee, i overcame that time in my life and was able to take some lessons from my experience and look at myself, heal myself and move forward with my life. I am weirdly thankful for going through what i did in my early 20's because it has led me to where i am today and has allowed me to have empathy for many situations that before, i was a little too naive to understand. I told my mum this week that the book club were reading this book, and it opened the door for me and her to have the conversation after 5 or so years! Strangely enough, she asked the one question she had been curious to ask- Why did i stay? And my answer? 'Because i loved him'. If only to open that door to have the conversation with a loved one, or someone you are concerned about- i would implore you to buy this book. If you have ever reasoned that your 'better half' was jealous because he loved you, he hit you because he loved you or any other myriad of reasons/excuses, then you should read this book. If you have ever experienced domestic violence or have been stuck in a destructive, toxic relationship, or afraid someone you love is, then get a copy of this book! If you are in hard times, message me and i will happily give you my copy! B O O K O F T H E M O N T H | 'Because I Love Him' | Ashlee Donohue @missashlee.d Available to purchase online @ #aboriginalbookclub #garrandarangbookclub #ashleedonohue #becauseilovehim #domesticviolence #book #therapy #aboriginalauthor #literature #aboriginalliterature #selfhelp #heal #violenceisnottheanswer

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