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November Book of the Month | Why I'm No Longer Talking To White People About Race | Reni Eddo-Lo

This book provides an interesting insight into various race wars around the world and while at times it can be such an infuriating read, it is vital knowledge that we as First Nation's people need to know.

Reading Questions:

1. What is your definition of White Privilege (page 87) chapter 3? 2. Were you aware of black relations in Britain prior to reading this book? 3. When confronted with situations regarding race what do you do? 4. Do you think Reni was right to stop talking to white people about race? Do you agree or disagree with her? 5. Can you recall any Australian examples of cases written about in the book ie stephen lawrence? 6. Where do you think Australia is in regards to race relations? Rate 1-10 and explain why? 7. Page 87. We could all do with examining how the system unfairly benefits is personally. Provide one or two examples of how has the system benefited you? 8. When did you become peripherally aware of race in your life?

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