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September Book Of The Month | The Secret River | Kate Grenville

This months #garrandarangbookclub was a double whammy with most of the ladies catching up on Kate Grenville's 'The Secret River' (WOW!! Go grab a copy immediately! Or watch it on @netflix_aus) and Stan Grant's 'talking to my country'. . . I am so happy i added Kate's book to the reading list (she is non-Aboriginal) but i thought the books content was important for the book club to read. It is disturbing. It made me very mad at times and it also made me cry. But i am so happy to have read it. It reiterates a lot from Bruce Pascoe's Dark Emu, just in another way, through another lens. It amazed me that i had visited close to the areas in this book, but never knew their history. And now i want to go back and pay respect at those places and what our people suffered through. . . I am only a chapter into 'talking to my country' but will be adding all my reviews to the website in the coming weeks 😉 . .

Reading Question:

1. Do you think William Thornhill was a horrible person? 2. What did you think of Williams sons behaviour? 3. Was their a favourite moment in the book? 4. What did you think of Kate Grenvilles style of writing? 5. Was it a good inclusion for an Aboriginal book club? 6. After reading this book, What could have been different? 7. How did this book make you feel? 8. The other characters in the book, what did you think? 9. Have you ever visited that area?

For the full reading list go to I would love to hear your thoughts on the list and if you have read the books and what you thought! #littleblackduckaus #aboriginal #garrandarangbookclub #garrandarang #aboriginalbookclub #literature #social #aboriginalauthors #aboriginalliterature #kategrenville #thesecretriver #book #stangrant #talkingtomycountry #ladystartup

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