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Hi there Book Clubbers, what a doozy of a book for our first book right??! I have had many comments from people, only a couple pages in, about the amazing content of this book and i for one, cannot wait to hear everyones thoughts at our next gathering! You will find the discussion questions below.

Discussion Questions

Q1. What three words would you use to best describe this book?

Q2. What do you think the title means?

Q3. What did you learn in the book that you didn't know before?

Q4. Did the book meet your expectations?

Q5. What was your favourite quote/sentence/paragraph in the book?

Q6. If you could ask the author a question, what would it be?

Q7. Did any part of the book elicit a strong emotional reaction?

Q8. Did the book change your opinions on anything? If so, what?

Q9. After reading the book, do you agree or disagree with the author, in regards to Aboriginal people historically being more than the ‘hunter-gatherer’ they were labeled as?

Q10. Would you recommend this book to someone?

Online book clubbers: please feel free to post comments on the blog prior to the 10th of April (our next book club gathering) and i will read your responses out at the Book Club meeting. Lets all get involved!

Please note: Our book club is an open book club for both Aboriginal and non Aboriginal people. As adults we will partake in conversations, over the term of the book club, that will at times be humourous and light, insightful, and perhaps challenging. Discussions will be respectful of each others opinions.

Happy reading!

A xx

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