Little Black Book- Mystery Books
"Once you learn to read, you will be forever free"
If you follow me on social media, you will know that i love reading. In fact, i am so passionate about reading, i started a book club to be able to share some amazing books i had come across, particularly those from Aboriginal authors, or of Aboriginal content (click here for book club info).
So, i would like to expand on that and introduce you to the Little Black Duck's version of the very popular trend of Blind Date with a Book.... meet Little Black Book!
What is it, and how does this work?
Basically, you can shop at Little Black Duck Aus and purchase some amazing new books by an incredible range of authors (most, from right here in Oz!). The catch is, you wont know exactly what you are purchasing! Crazy, right?!
Its kinda like a blind date, kinda like a mystery holiday... no, you won't end up with a husband, or in a 5-star luxury hotel room, BUT you may just find your new fave author and/or your new fave book!
Below are a collection of books (some are brand new, some are pre-loved) but all are in great condition). Each book has a short description or key words for you to get a feel for whats inside. If one sparks your interest, great! Go ahead and add it to your cart as you would any other Little Black Duck purchase!
Each book is hand wrapped in brown paper and tied with hemp cord. In the nature of repurposing, some may be wrapped in fabric (when available). The fabrics are perfect for keeping and using any way you see fit- they are perfect size to make beeswax wraps, or laminate to make book marks- just a few ideas! Would love to see what you come up with for yours- tag me in your pics online!
Want to send as a gift to a loved one? 
No problemo! In the box provided, let me know what you would like me to write on the tag prior to sending! I can send direct to the recipient or to you for sending on.
Want to build a Mystery Care Package for yourself or a loved one?
Mystery Care Packages are available with 3 options.
1.  Add a Mystery Candle to your pack.
2. Add a Mystery Native Tea to your pack.
3. Add a Mystery Candle AND a Mystery Native Tea to your pack.
These packs are great value, with discounts for each addition! Lucky ducks! Candles and teas will be picked at random however, if you let me know your candle personality- i will try to pick one that i think would suit you!
Please note: All books are in great condition, including any that may be second hand and can all be found on recent and recent(ish) literary award winning lists! 
Little Black Book list:
Book 1: An eye-opening look into colonisation. Aboriginal author. Published in 2018.
Book 2: Political undertones. Futuristic. Dystopian. Aboriginal author. Won many awards. Published in 2016.
Book 3: An easy read. Chick-lit. Power of friendship and sistahood. Aboriginal author. Published in 2014.
Book 4: A beautiful education in Aboriginal culture, customs, language and more. Aboriginal author. Published in 2018.
Book 6: Historical. Thought penetrating. Educational. Intense reading. Australias history. Colonial. Published in 1988.
Book 8: Intergenerational, social and environmental. A story of family. Published in 2020.

Little Black Book- Mystery Books

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